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Remco was born in the Netherlands in 1972. Son of Rob Teunen (1948-2007) and Ellina Tekelenburg, big brother of Afke Teunen and Renske Dirks-Teunen. Uncle of Freek Teunen and Olivier, Reinier and Kiki Dirks.

After some moving around, Remco and his family ended up in Uden (The Netherlands) where Remco spent most of his younger life.

After elementary school (Leeuwerik, Paulusschool, 1978-1984) and high school (Kruisheren Kollege, 1984-1990), he studied Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE, 1990-1996).

Remco liked sports, he played tennis, volleyball and learned to ski. 

He was also very creative. He loved making art, drawing, sketching but also making other art creations with materials like clay. He was also very technically talented; repairing all kinds of machinery (televisions, radios, computers) and he programmed all the software of his father's publishing firm when he was only 14 years old. 

In 1996 Remco moved to California to get his PhD at Stanford (1996-2002). His thesis was on automatic speech recognition, Acoustic Modelling for Automatic Speech Recognition: Deriving Discriminative Gaussian Networks. He did research for his thesis at Nuance Communications while working there as an intern, and after graduating he joined Nuance as a speech engineer until 2001. From 2002 to 2004 he worked as a speech engineer at Vocent Solutions. 

In California he loved to play badminton and he took up snowboarding.

In 2005 Remco moved to Tokyo (Japan) to work at Toshiba as a research scientist on long-term speech recognition research. 

In Tokyo he met the love of his life Hiromi, whom he married in Japan in March 2007.

In July 2007 Remco and Hiromi moved to California, where Remco worked at Google (2007-2014). First as a software engineer working on Adsense, later as the technical lead on the core algorithms of Google Research's OCR system. 

In 2010 Remco was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

The last years he worked as a software engineer at YouTube (2014-2019) on recommendation algorithms.

Remco and Hiromi lived with their two cats, Rick and Roy. 

Remco had a passion for food and together with Hiromi they visited many Michelin star restaurants all over the world. At home ('Bistro Teunen'), they organized many dinner parties with their many friends.

Remco and Hiromi traveled a lot; to Japan but also Hawaii was a favorite destination.

And Remco continued to work on his many art projects, and made an archive of his art on

Remco peacefully passed away at home, with his beloved wife Hiromi at his side.

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